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 Khaled Sakallah (President)

Brother Khaled is currently the Vice President at the International Academy of Design and Technology. Brother Khaled has been working in Education for the past 15 years. He also worked with the Islamic Schools in Knoxville and in Nashville and served in the Shura Boards in both communities. Brother Khaled is a graduate of the University of Tennessee; he holds a bachelor's and a master's degrees in Engineering.

Ziad Barakat Vice President

Ziad Barakat is a pioneer of the Murfreesboro Muslim community--a former Shura member--who helped buy and establish the current Masjid. A resident of Murfreesboro for the past 27 years, he has been involved in the masjid's Islamic school over the years and now is a member of the Weekend Islamic School Committee. Barakat was born and raised in Jerusalem. He has a bachelor's degree in business management from Middle Tennessee State University and extensive experience with computer systems.

Feda Ahmad

Feda Ahmad has Bachelors in Arabic Studies and Islamic Shariah from the Jordanian University. She enjoys working with youth and has taught at the Islamic School for 2 years and was the Principal for Al Iman Islamic School for 4 years. Feda also enjoys helping in her community and strives to involve her children in community work as well.

Salina Khan

Salina Khan is a journalist with a masters in newspaper management from Northwestern University. She has worked as a business reporter at USA Today in Washington, the BBC London and Dow Jones Madrid and now writes occasionally for the Murfreesboro Post. Salina gained her Islamic education attending the Islamic Foundation in Chicago. Her experiences include teaching at weekend schools, volunteering in public schools and teaching her own three children at home. Her interests include reading, writing and community work.

Hiba Kattih

Hiba Kattih has a B.A in Biology with a concentration in Secondary Education and a minor in Health and Nutrition. She is also certified to teach Montessori early education from the North American Montessori Center. She helped run an Islamic Montessori school and the Islamic Education and services Institute in Chattanooga, TN. She has worked as a full time homeroom teacher for first grade in the Islamic school of Raleigh. Even though Hiba's career choice was in the science field and worked at an infectious disease's Laboratory, her passion for teaching pushed her to always help tutor other students since High school and college. Her interests revolve around community work and her own 3 children.

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