In an effort to collect our community data and feedback so the ICM may connect and serve you better we are trying to collect our community information, would you please provide the following to us: Please provide the following information:


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So we may be able to contact you when needed.


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So we may better gear activities towards our families and contact them with activities that concerns them.
Membership/Donation Options
Membership Options $50/Month, Family Active Membership
$25/Month, Single Active Membership
$15/Month, Student Active Membership
I do not want to be an active member
I want to be a member but can not afford the above dues.


Monthly Donation pledge

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Monthly Payment option

We authorize The Islamic Center Of Murfreesboro (ICM) and its agents to withdraw from my bank account and make adjustments, if and when error/correction occurs, the Total pledge stated on this form. I am voluntarily providing the information of my bank account by SUBMITTING A VOIDED CHECK AND OR FILLING and SUBMITTING THIS FORM. This authorization will remain in effect until I cancel it in writing. We understand that the ICM is a non-profit organization managed mainly by volunteers. We also understand that all of the ICM activities and services are not for profit services, managed jointly by paid and volunteer individuals. We further understand that one of the main conditions of admissions, volunteering and/or participation in any activity or service offered by the ICM , including but not limited to the schools and classes, is that the total liability of the ICM and all its sub committees, paid staff and volunteers, regardless of the circumstances and the issue, is limited to an amount not to exceed $1000. We accept this condition, without any reservation, for the volunteering with The ICM .

By submitting this form you acknowledge that you have read and accepted the above statement and the terms of service and rules.