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House Keeping. Landscaping/Outdoors Events set up and clean up
Weekend School Maintenance and repairs Youth Activities
Supplies management Office support: making calls, newsletter, mail outs DAWA
Baby Sitting Charity / Social work Others

When can you volunteer? Please give us exact days per week/month and hours for example (every Wednesday from 4-6), (Nov-14 six-10PM) or any thing similar...

We understand that the ICM is a non-profit organization managed mainly by volunteers. We also understand that all of the ICM activities and services are not for profit services, managed jointly by paid and volunteer individuals. We further understand that one of the main conditions of admissions, volunteering and/or participation in any activity or service offered by the ICM , including but not limited to the schools and classes, is that the total liability of the ICM and all its sub committees, paid staff and volunteers, regardless of the circumstances and the issue, is limited to an amount not to exceed $1000. We accept this condition, without any reservation, for the volunteering with The ICM .

By submitting this form you acknowledge that you have read and accepted the above statement.


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