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Section 1: The Community General Members (with no election or voting rights)

  • The Community consists of every Muslim, especially in The Greater Murfreesboro area, who bears witness that Islam is his religion. Every member in the community has the right, and is encouraged to attend and join any service, event, or activity the ICM offers, and has the right to ask about all community matters and social events within the guidelines of this document and the activities rules.
  • Furthermore, every member has the right to use our facilities within the facility usage rules, and has the right to enroll in any paid service we offer including, but not limited to, the school, only after paying the required fees.
  • General members can receive communications, publications and updates about the ICM, by mail, email or any other means deemed needed.

Section 2: The Active Members (with election and voting rights)

I. General Rules & Purpose:

  • Your membership provides us with the ability to reach our goals, and build a better future for our children. Together we can shape a better future for the Muslims in The Greater Murfreesboro area.
  • All members and non-members are strongly encouraged to participate in activities of the ICM. Their suggestions and feedback are welcomed at any time.
  • Non members are not excluded from any activity BUT what is outlined in the privileges section below.
  • The active membership shall consist of members who satisfy the membership requirements and agree to abide by the constitution and rules set forth by the ICM.
  • An active member is any Muslim, male or female, who meets the active membership requirements, and who is willing to work towards accomplishing the ICM’s goals.
  • All legal dependents including children, live in parents, and live in ‘in laws’ shall be considered members with a full paid family membership, BUT their names must be submitted with the original or renewal application.
  • Our individual members are free to belong or not belong to any other organization, and are free in their political affiliations as long as it does not interfere, conflict, or clash with the goals of the institute or any of the USA federal, state or county laws.

II. Active Membership Requirements:

  • Must be a Muslim.
  • Non Muslim spouses of the registered members may become honorable (non-voting) members.
  • Must be ready to fully follow and abide by the constitution and the Boards’ decisions, and must believe in the goals of the ICM.
  • Must be 16 years or older.
  • Must fill and submit the membership form individually or within a family application.
  • Must pay the membership dues in full on time.

III. Privileges:

  • Members for a consecutive (continuous and current) 3 months, and who are at least 16 years old have full and exclusive voting rights in any election, active members meeting, or vote.
  • Only members for a consecutive (continuous and current) 6 months or longer, and who are at least 18 years old are eligible to seek election and hold office.
  • Advance notice on most major activities when possible.
  • The right to attend Board meetings as an attendant person upon a written request and its approval (no voting or discussion rights).
  • The exclusive right to vote on issues brought to any general ICM meeting.
  • Free Islamic Hijri calendar each year when possible.
  • Free quarterly financial statement about the Islamic center upon request.
  • Monthly, quarterly, or annually communication about the institute’s updates and news when possible.

IV. Fees:

  • The fee must be structured as follow:
    • $50 a month for families.
    • $25 a month for individual members.
    • $15 a month for full time student(s).
  • Membership fees must be paid on a semi annual, annual, or monthly basis through the method selected on the membership application form.
  • Fees must be paid to the organization and cannot be substituted by providing services.
  • Fees may be reduced for people with financial hardship; such a decision must be made by the Board of Director’s two-thirds majority and must be documented in the minutes.
  • Membership dues shall not be increased by more than twenty-five percent in one year and cannot be decreased.
  • All membership fees paid to the ICM are not refundable for any reason.

V. Termination & Withdrawal:

  • Withdrawal from membership may be voluntary or may be decreed for failure to continue to satisfy the membership requirements.
  • Membership in the ICM may be automatically terminated by the membership committee or the ICM board for any of the following reasons (A simple majority vote of the Board of Directors may be required for such an action.):

If membership dues, or any part thereof, remain unpaid without proper justification for 60 days. This automatic termination is final. However, the terminated member may apply for new membership.

Any member, who is proven to participate directly or indirectly in harming Muslims, or undermining the mission, the goals, or the objectives of the ICM.

Any member who has been convicted of any felony, crime or offense in a US federal, state, or county court.

If the person has made intentional efforts to discredit, tarnish and/or defame the Quran, or Islam.

An inactive/terminated member may remain on the mailing/email list until he/she requests to be removed.

VI. Reinstatement:

  • Any member whose membership has been terminated can reestablish his/her membership after fulfilling the membership requirements again, by submitting the membership form with the appropriate fees including the overdue fees within 30 days of termination, otherwise a new membership application will be required, and the new applicant will be considered a new member.
  • Members who were terminated for reasons other than the fees must be approved by the Board of Directors before their re-application is acceptable.

Section 3: Honorable Members

Honorable members are picked up by the Board of Directors or the Membership Committee to provide certain services to the ICM, they have no voting rights, nor do they have to meet the membership requirements or pay the fees